Joseph C. Phillips

So, the Panthers, caught in a time-warp and awash in an unwarranted sense of their own power and importance, showed up at the Fairmount Avenue polling place in Philadelphia not to prevent citizens from voting, but to protect black voters from white racist police officers bent on preventing black people from voting. What remains unclear is exactly how these two men, armed only with one club, were going to fight off car loads of racist police officers determined to turn black voters away at the door.

Oddly enough, this view of police officers as violent racist is similar to that of the Obama justice department. It was this same justice department that announced the Arizona immigration law racist before reading it and expressed a fear that, unlike every other law on the books, SB1070 might lead to racial profiling. But, I digress.

Clarity will not come through the repeated playing of video featuring Panther members screaming about killing white people. Nor is clarity achieved by treating Panther chairman Malik Shabaz as if he is Martin Luther King Jr. or even Al Sharpton.

With clarity comes the realization that what motivates the New Black Panthers is the same thing that animates the New Left. They believe the United States of America is bad and that they must “fundamentally transform” this nation in order to make it good. You can be sure that they intend to rebuild it in their own twisted image. Conversely, the Right believes that America is good. That is not to say that America is perfect, but that America is inherently good, that the ideals upon which the nation was founded are good, that those ideals are worthy of our respect and ought to be the object of our national aspiration.

Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips is the author of “He Talk Like A White Boy” available wherever books are sold.