Joseph C. Phillips

Is Obama preparing to battle the ever encroaching and expensive hand of paternalistic government? Hardly. Since taking office last year he has expanded government spending, tripled the deficit and added substantially to the national debt. He is ideologically predisposed to believe the solutions to all our social and economic problems lie in an expansion of the administrative state. He continues to believe that money taken from one part of the economy and injected into another part will somehow create jobs. Even after the drubbing Democrats took in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, he is determined to pass a healthcare reform bill that most Americans do not want.

If we penny stinkers must take what we do not want, it is unclear for whom he is doing all this fighting.

It is unlikely that Obama will pass Cap and Trade, so instead he will direct the EPA to enact regulations restricting the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by private industry. The additional costs to businesses will hinder their ability to create jobs. Don’t take my word for it.

In 2006, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed AB-32 “a comprehensive program of regulatory and market mechanisms to achieve real, quantifiable, cost-effective reductions of greenhouse gases.” The bill has mostly succeeded in reducing the population of California as people and jobs have left the State in droves. Unemployment in California is far above the national average and the highest in the states history in more than 40 years.

Who is he fighting for when he brings terrorists to New York to be tried in civilian courts? Undeterred by America’s outcry, the Christmas day bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutalleb, was interviewed by the FBI for less than an hour before he was given his Miranda rights and an attorney, whereupon he promptly stopped talking. I feel safer already.

With such a champion, it is difficult to comprehend America’s apprehension or why some might smile pleasantly and ask, “Please Mr. President, can you move a bit to the side; you are blocking the sun.”

Joseph C. Phillips is the author of "He Talk Like a White Boy" available wherever books are sold.

Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips is the author of “He Talk Like A White Boy” available wherever books are sold.