Jon Sanders

Posted January 11, 2008

Fate is a pitiful prankster. She has selected John Edwards and Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's top challengers for the Democrat nomination for president.

Posted December 12, 2007

Suffice for it to say that American "liberals" have some very strange ideas about race and gender.

Posted November 16, 2007

At a large research university boasting some of the highest minds in America, the discovery in a small maintenance bathroom of a noose made out of toilet paper is a Very Big Deal.

Posted November 07, 2007

England is abuzz about "The Boy Who Lived," and no, his name isn't Harry Potter, but he did survive a deliberate attempt on his life. Two, in fact, while still in his mother's womb.

Posted October 17, 2007

A Minnesota college student was suspended and ordered to undergo "mental health evaluation" for his response to campuswide e-mails from school officials concerning the Virginia Tech massacre.

Posted September 14, 2007

The city of Washington, D.C., wants the Supreme Court to reverse an appeals court's decision to overturn its ban on private ownership of handguns. That pesky Second Amendment is involved. It's too bad D.C. doesn't approach the problem of its citizens being harmed by gun violence the way it does the problem of citizens being harmed by contracting HIV.

Posted August 31, 2007

So according to the wisdom of the public education establishment, a high-school valedictorian should lose her diploma for – not cheating, not plagiarism, but 30 seconds of telling her classmates about her faith in Jesus.

Posted August 22, 2007

John Edwards, fresh from admitting he didn't know Cuba's healthcare system was government-run, was featured in an Aug. 19 interview by Liz Halloran in U.S. News & World Report. Among other questions, Halloran asked Edwards if his campaign had moved from an emotional appeal to a "more cerebral, issues-oriented approach."

Posted August 08, 2007

"Would it kill us greedy obese Mc[expletive]s gobbling everything in our path and [vulgarity] on Planet Earth to do SOMETHING about global warming??? [expletive] Repugna-cans and their [expletive] [vulgarity] oil-guzzling phony-crony [vugarity] won't be happy till the East Coast is under the Atlantic, Hawaii is gone, and F-5 tornadoes are devastating Alaska!!!"

Posted July 31, 2007

A grisly case in Maryland has the pro-abortion movement distressed that a state law banning the murder of an unborn baby could be used against a woman accused of killing her unborn baby. This is what unintended consequences sound like to the abortionistas.

Posted July 21, 2007

According to the report from the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force obtained by ABC, the smugglers were getting $20,000 to $25,000 per Middle Eastern brought across the Rio Grande into the U.S.

Posted July 02, 2007

He was a children's television hit; a giant, black and white mouse wearing white gloves and singing about world unification in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. Then a Jew killed him on the air.

Posted June 27, 2007

The prize committee for the annual Nagin/Nifong Award for Inconceivable Incompetence in the Line of Duty is pleased to announce their first nominees for 2007.

Posted June 22, 2007

Americans' confidence in Congress is at a historic low point, according to results of a Gallup poll released Thursday. Only 14 percent of Americans surveyed said they had a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress.

Posted June 07, 2007

In his book No Excuses, Shrum alleges that John Edwards told him, apropos of homosexuals, "I'm not comfortable around those people." A question: How are Edwards' former colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have reacted to such remarks, if he were still at UNC? How are they reacting?

Posted June 02, 2007

Remember the children's song about the old lady who swallowed a fly? We don't know why she swallowed the fly, but the poor woman begins consuming more and more to address the fear that she'll die for swallowing the fly.

Posted May 21, 2007

Sen. Hillary Clinton announced on her campaign web site that she is seeking an official campaign theme song.

Posted May 17, 2007

"Why don't you go f--- yourself?" That was how House Democrat Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel reportedly responded to a Politico reporter's request – made "in the effort for openness and disclosure" – to sit in on a caucus debate over the language of a lobbying bill.

Posted May 08, 2007

The Roman satirist Juvenal famously quipped "Difficile est saturam non scibere" -- it's difficult not to write satire.

Posted May 05, 2007

With the release of the Mathematica Policy Research study on select abstinence-only programs, and the resignation in disgrace of Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias, the comprehensive-ed movement is gearing up again. To put it lightly, the last two decades have been an increasingly difficult time for these educators and various affiliated profiteers from teenage sexuality.