Jon Sanders

The message of the new vampire is that he exists to cherish you, care for you, and even to save you from yourself and others. You don't fear this vampire; you dream about him, bite your lip fantasizing about him, till at last you marry him, and always, always beg him to turn you into a glittery redistributor of the blood supply. Ve are ze ninety-nine perzent, ah-ah-ah!

The final installment of this series will be in the theaters later in the year. Curiously, there is another vampire movie theatergoers are anticipating this year, one that will be both conventional and shockingly new.

What's conventional is that it restores the idea that you seek out and destroy the vampire menace before it takes over your country. What's new is the hero. He also comes from the land of Lincoln, but more than just that, he is Lincoln, titular hero of the forthcoming "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

What does all this mean, culturally speaking? I'm not sure exactly, but vampires are a bloody nuisance, and out-of-control government sucks.

Jon Sanders

Jon Sanders is associate director of research at the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, N.C.