Jonathan Garthwaite

In the middle of the Summer movie season, sat down with author, screenwriter Andrew Klavan to discuss life in Hollywood as a conservative. Klavan’s newest novel, Empire of Lies just hit bookstores.

Jonathan Garthwaite: I see you’re an out of the closet conservative in Hollywood. How is that going for you?

Andrew Klavan: It’s cost me I think, you know. It’s hard to tell you. No one ever says to me “you’re a conservative get out,” but there’s definitely been a drop in the number of calls I’ve gotten. I’ve heard a couple of stories from agents and managers that media executives say “oh yeah I’ve heard of him, who else have you got?” It’s definitely cost me. I hope I’ve made some friends but it’s so one sided out here, it’s such a one-party town that you can’t help but get hurt.

Jonathan Garthwaite: Every citizen has a right to be active in the political process. What motivates you to be upfront with your politics in a profession where it could hurt you?

Andrew Klavan: I think that the culture is hugely important and I think we’ve lost it. I think the arts are important and we’ve lost them. I think conservatives have can be really lunkheaded about this. We constantly complain about Hollywood and complain about the arts but we never do anything about it. We understand the political process, we understand the Supreme Court, we understand economics, but we seem to have no clue when it comes to the arts. And the way I look at it - If you win the political process but lose the culture, you ultimately will lose the country.

Jonathan Garthwaite

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