Jonathan Garthwaite was launched on the web in 1995 and rose to its position as the leading conservative news, opinion, and community website over the next decade. Conservative principles have not always won the day on Capitol Hill but Townhall and the conservative movement continues to grow and prepare for each new battle that comes along.

The 2008 election will certainly have the most hotly contested, most expensive primaries and general election in history. The issues at stake in this election are critical to preserving the American dream. Defeating terrorism abroad, defending the borders at home, resisting government-run health care, removing the barriers to job creation, and defending our families against the corrupting forces of our culture are all issues up for grabs in November.

With so much at stake, needed to step up and find new ways to keep our readers informed. We needed more than just another click on the website.

After being a just a website for the past thirteen years – surprise, surprise -- is now also a magazine.

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered why there wasn’t a magazine out there that is smart, informative, insightful, enjoyable to read – and conservative.

Well – the wait is over.

Thanks to Townhall readers who have supported over the years, the revolution in conservative media is taking a big leap in 2008 with the premiere of

Townhall Magazine.

One hundred pages of cutting-edge design, in-depth reporting of the political and cultural scene, commentary from America’s favorite conservatives, exclusive interviews, unprecedented coverage of conservative talk radio, examinations of the important issues shaping our world, and plenty of wit, great photography, and jabs at our liberal friends and enemies are found inside Townhall Magazine. has always been about bringing the myriad of voices together into one easy to read, one-stop shop on the Web and now we’re taking it one step further.

Whether it sits on your desk, on your coffee table, or even the little boys’ room, Townhall Magazine is a revolutionary idea in magazine publishing: a magazine that’s informative, insightful, entertaining, and conservative.

In an era of overwhelming information, a fast changing news cycle, and an increasing number of "citizen journalists," no magazine compounds it all into a comprehensive, cutting-edge publication like Townhall Magazine.

Jonathan Garthwaite

Jonathan Garthwaite is General Manager of