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Fred Thompson, a little fairness doctrine, and a whole lot of immigration reform talk. See what else readers were talking about during the week that was -- June 10-16, 2007.

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#10. A Home Invader Program?
by Thomas Sowell
People who are pushing for a "guest worker" program show not the slightest interest in what has been happening under guest worker programs in Europe. Facts are apparently irrelevant.

#9. It Ain't Over 'Til the Alien Wins
by Michelle Malkin
As you follow the debate over the Bush-Kennedy immigration bill, keep this cardinal rule in mind: 99.99 percent of the lawmakers who promise you that they'll ensure the deportation of anyone who doesn't follow their new "guest-worker" regulations are either A) lying or B) completely clueless.

#8. My Contract with America
by Rudy Giuliani
I am making 12 Commitments to the American People. They are intended to lift our vision from the rearview mirror to the road ahead. If I am elected president, I want to be held accountable for the progress we make as a nation.

#7. From JFK to 9/11: Why People Believe in Conspiracies

by Dennis Prager
Why, then, do people believe in these and other conspiracies? (Of course, there are known conspiracies -- Osama bin Laden and others conspired in the 9/11 plot -- but there are no successful hidden conspiracies. I cannot think of one in my lifetime.) There are at least six major reasons:

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