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Politics, liberals and immigration were hot topics last week. See what else readers were talking about during the week that was -- May 27 - June 3, 2007

#10. The Double "Thank-You" Moment
by John Stossel
Some people hate me because I defend free markets. Once someone accosted me on a New York City street and said, "I hope you die soon." Why the hostility to commerce? What could be more benign than the freedom to trade with whomever you wish?

#9. Lawson’s Creek
by Mike Adams
Those who read my column regularly will remember a run-in I had in March of this year with our student newspaper, The Seahawk. It involved an intentional act of libel by student editor Justin McLeod, who knowingly ran an article falsely accusing me of supporting the mass murder of homosexuals.

#8. A War of Words: Part II
by Thomas Sowell
With gasoline prices rising, political rhetoric is rising even faster. Liberals in Congress and in the media have launched a war of words, whose net result may well be a demand for some form of price control.

#7. Should Mormonism Disqualify a Candidate?
by Michael Medved
Mitt Romney’s increasingly credible Presidential campaign raises urgent but uncomfortable questions about his Mormon faith.

#6. Doing the Booing Americans Won't Do
by Michelle Malkin
The United States government is on the verge of approving a mass amnesty to millions of illegal aliens -- a plan pushed aggressively by meddling Mexican officials who reap billions of dollars in remittances (illegal aliens' earnings sent back to Mexico) without having to lift a finger to clean up their own country.

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