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#1. The Anger of the Left
by Thomas Sowell
That people on the political left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising. What is surprising, however, is how often the opinions of those on the left are accompanied by hostility and even hatred.

#2. Why Rudy is striking out...
by Kevin McCullough
Mayor Rudy Giuliani intended to use the chance to address students and faculty at Houston Baptist University on Friday to boost his image and clarify his position - particularly on abortion. He also hoped to energize what is beginning to look like a campaign that is in complete meltdown.

#3. Just Say "No" to Right-Wing Censorship
by Mike Adams
I am writing in response to your recent request to help you “do something” about a new homosexual student group that has been formed at your local public high school. Specifically, you have asked whether there is anything I can do to help shut the group down. The answer to your question is “yes” there is something I could do to help.

#4. Presumptions of The Left
by Thomas Sowell
Radically different conclusions about a whole range of issues have been common for centuries. Many have tried to explain these differences by differences in conflicting economic interests.

#5. Jerry Falwell -- Say Hello to Ronald Reagan!
by Ann Coulter
No man in the last century better illustrated Jesus' warning that "All men will hate you because of me" than the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who left this world on Tuesday. Separately, no man better illustrates my warning that it doesn't pay to be nice to liberals.

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