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Here's what readers were talking about during the week that was -- April 29 - May 5.

#10. Mormonism: Religion, Denomination, or Cult?
by Frank Pastore
Am I an anti-Mormon bigot for simply raising this question?

#9. Back to Bias Basics at PBS
by Brent Bozell III
The left maintains an iron grip on PBS with all the maturity and sophistication that a 4-year-old hangs on to a Happy Meal toy. The motto of its public and private campaign against Tomlinson's alleged transgressions should have been: "Mine! Mine! All Mine!"

#8. “The Senator party" vs. "The Governor party"
by Michael Medved
These differences in background reflect far more than curious coincidence: they actually illuminate some of the profound differences in the way the two parties see the purpose and nature of politics.

#7. What the deep thinkers are thinking
by Cliff May
For their May/June issue, the editors of Foreign Policy magazine asked 21 “leading thinkers” to propose ideas to “save the world” -- or, failing that, to come up with “one solution that would make the world a better place.”

#6. Tales from the School-Choice Wars
by John Stossel
Attacks from powerful unions haven't dimmed the passion of school-choice advocates. It's as if they say to themselves, "You can call us names, but we know what we are doing is morally right."

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