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#5. In Washington, it's always the year of the rat
by Ann Coulter
Democrats have leapt on reports of mold, rats and bureaucratic hurdles at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as further proof of President George Bush's failed war policies. To the contrary, the problems at Walter Reed are further proof of the Democrats' failed domestic policies -- to wit, the civil service rules that prevent government employees from ever being fired.

#4. Klansman teaching History at Kent State
by Mike Adams
Kent State University now has another problem on its hands. A member of the Ku Klux Klan who just recently was found operating a hate website has now been identified as a history professor at Kent State. The site has been closed but the controversy still looms because of some comments the professor has posted on blogs under the name “Lover of Anglos” while using his Kent State email address.

#3. Julio Pino: Islam’s Most Effeminate Jihadist
by Mike Adams
Julio Pino’s whining, effeminate tone suggests that he is ill prepared for what is about to happen to him in the coming weeks and months. A brief summary of what he can expect follows:

#2. Global Warming Swindle
by Thomas Sowell
Britain's Channel 4 has produced a devastating documentary titled "The Great Global Warming Swindle." It has apparently not been broadcast by any of the networks in the United States. But, fortunately, it is available on the Internet.

#1. How to bomb a gay bath house
by Mike Adams
I’ve been thinking about Ann Coulter a lot lately – a real shocker, I know - and I think I’ve finally found a way to get her out of the hot water she’s in over her recent outing of John Edwards.

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