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The Media, Iraq, Gingrich, Global Warming, Gays, and Jihadists. And a lot of satire from Mike Adams. That's what readers were talking about during the week that was -- March 11-17, 2007

#10. A Tale of Two Crimes
by Michael Barone
"History will be kind to me," Winston Churchill once said, "for I intend to write it." Indeed, he did. His multiple-volume histories of the two world wars are still widely read, though discounted by professional historians as incomplete and in some ways misleading.

#9. Jesus Was No Leftist
by Dennis Prager
Democratic presidential candidate and former Sen. John Edwards told an interviewer from the religious website that Jesus "would be disappointed" at how little Americans help the destitute who live among them. Jesus, Mr. Edwards said, "would be appalled" at our selfishness.

#8. All the News That's Fit to Pay For?
by Michelle Malkin
The New York Times prides itself on ethical journalism. The company boasts a 57-page "handbook of values and practices" for its newsroom. "Our greatest strength," the paper intones, "is the authority and reputation of the Times."

#7. Why Christians Embrace 'Gay' Porn Stars
by Kevin McCullough
Diabolical liberals are once again showing their disdain for homosexuals, and their lack of love for those who struggle with sexual sin. They are adverse to truth about sexual behavior. And when a sexual sinner is brave enough to say so, liberals become the most homophobic mouth foamers the universe has ever seen.

#6. Is Newt Gingrich Back?
by Thomas Sowell
The enthusiastic reception given to a speech by Newt Gingrich at a recent meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee has revived speculation that he may enter the presidential nomination race, after all.

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