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Hillary, Obama, Murtha, Liberals, Iraq, Tim Hardaway, Guns and six-foot tall you-know-what's. That's what readers were talking about during the week that was -- Feb 18-24, 2007

#10. Hillary's Phony Coat of Armor
by Michelle Malkin
Look out: Hillary Clinton is pulling the armor cloak from her rhetorical closet again. As long as she pairs it with a skirt, Italian designer Donatella Versace approves. But for any leading presidential candidate with a shred of integrity, this political wardrobe malfunction goes in the "fashion don't" column.

#9. The top 9 reasons why a Democratic president can't handle the war on terrorism
by John Hawkins
While Bush Derangement Syndrome and raw political considerations certainly are part of the problem, you've got to understand that the modern Democratic Party is simply no longer capable of dealing with a conflict like the war on terrorism because of the weird ideological tics of liberalism.

#8. Nonsense Ideas
by Walter Williams
There are some ideas and feelings that sound plausible but given just a wee bit of thought can be shown to border on lunacy. Let's examine a few.

#7. Liberals Aren’t Very Good at Talk Radio
by Ken Blackwell
While liberals hold a virtual monopoly on broadcast television and print news, many on the left just can’t stomach the reality of a dominant conservative presence on talk radio. They want to give Mr. Franken and his pessimism and rage-filed talk radio comrades something they could not obtain on their own – market share.

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