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With only a month left before the election and so much at stake, I wanted to pass along an email we just sent out to our email subscribers.

Dear Friends,

For years we've been sending you email highlighting the very best in conservative news and opinion of the days events. Now we’ve got a challenge for you. Give it a shot yourself. Create your own newsletter.

No one knows what news your friends and family would like to read or listen to more than you. As the election season heats up you can keep them up to speed on the latest from the campaign trail. The more informed folks are the more we can make a real difference in helping strengthen conservative influence in Washington.

Click here to start your newsletter now!

Creating your email is easy. Drop in the email addresses of the people you would like to send your message to, select the content you want to include and hit send. I just set up my list and sent a message in less than a minute.

Your friends and family will have access to the great information that you enjoy from such as:

Conservative opinion columns from Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Thomas Sowell, and Mike Adams.

The best in full color political cartoons from our funnies section.

The latest and breaking news articles .

Blog posts from well known bloggers like Hugh Hewitt, Mary Katharine Ham, and Michael Medved.

The most viewed pictures from our Photos section.

Add in some of your own commentary and each time you send your very own newsletter, you will be a source of influence in the weeks to come before the important November elections!

We are sure you agree that our country needs us all engaged in the battle for sound traditional values. So get started on your own newsletter now and start influencing your friends and family today!


Jonathan Gartwaite

Jonathan Garthwaite

Jonathan Garthwaite is General Manager of

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