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Never shy, Flagwaver, a “35 year old black male from the great state of North Carolina,” takes on the moderate Republicans here, and here and says it’s time for conservatives to reassert themselves and stop letting RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) return to Congress year after year:

“What we conservatives need to do is not wait until general elections come to make changes, but to get involved in the primaries. The primary level is where we, the voters, can have the most impact on the direction of the party.”

Publius II (Mesa, AZ)

“We're just a couple of lunatics that focus our attention on the current events of the day, the daily political grind, issues regarding the war, and some occasional legal thoughts regarding Constitutional matters. We're registered GOP, but we're intellectually honest ones. We have gripes with politicians across the spectrum, not just the Left though they do tend to be our favorite beating post.”

Need I say more?

Dave (Houston, TX)

A self-described “Fat, lazy, balding, 46 year old, golfer, fisherman, amateur philosopher and connoisseur of humanity,” Dave from Houston is one of Townhall’s most prolific bloggers and spares no one from critique – especially those that sympathize with the Islamist extremists and terrorists.

BrianR (Saugus, CA)

BrianR’s View From the Island blog on Townhall is the most active blog on Townhall with hundreds of comments by other readers. The SoCal resident has people talking about California, the Lefties on the Net, the Middle East, and Mel Gibson.

Also deserving honorable mention are a Congressional candidate and our very own Josue.

Raj for Congress (PA)

“Apprentice” superstar Raj Bhakta, a Republican, has challenged incumbent U.S. Rep. Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz (D-13) in Pennsylvania, and has set up blog headquaters on Hopefully he’ll have better luck in his race than he did with Donald Trump.

Josue Sierra

It would also be a terrible oversight not to point out Josue Sierra’s blog on the site. Josue is one of the associate editors here at, and has the townhall blog community as one of his chief responsibilities. Check out his blog if you’re interested in the latest tips, tricks, and strategies for creating your own headquarters on

Thousands of additional readers blogs can also be found by state and issue.

For those of you who are content just being “readers,” let me suggest you try your hand at this. You might just like it.

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And who knows? Maybe you’ll be on this list the next go-round.

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