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On July 4th we launched the new, and what has followed has been truly exciting. is growing like never before, and now -- more than ever -- you are part of the action. Back then, I asked Townhall readers to join the community and get active, and you’ve responded in droves. Thousands of you started up your own reader blogs and have been sharing your opinions on everything from Election ’06 and Iraq to the Emmys and the declining culture around us. readers are on the forefront of a major shift in American politics. All the talk by politicians and conservative leaders of empowering the grassroots is finally turning into action. Hundreds and hundreds of great blogs are developing, and several have hit the big time. Here’s a couple that I’ve been following and think you should too.

Katie Favazza (Washington, DC)

Perhaps it’s just hometown advantage that earns her the top spot, but former intern Katie Favazza has been holding court on her blog, “Elocutio.” where she writes several times a day about topics ranging from Katrina coverage, Missouri politics, and everything books. Just last week the often-imitated-never-duplicated Michelle Malkin gave Katie kudos on a blog-well-done. We might be biased, but Katie has a big future ahead of her in conservative publishing. If you act quickly, you’ll be able to say you knew Katie before she made the bestseller list.

Prysson (Plymouth, MN)

“I am an expert at having an opinion and nothing short of bothersome in my insistence on sharing it. I figure if Katie Couric can call herself a journalist...I can call myself a blogger.”

Well, Prysson, you’re not alone -- and is just the place for opinions. When Prysson isn’t getting in a verbal tug-o-war with Hugh Hewitt’s guest bloggers, he’s commenting on the Middle East, presidential politics, and all that’s inbetween.

Flagwaver (Walnut Cove, NC)

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