Jonathan Garthwaite

Michele Bachmann (MN-06)
Chuck Blasdel (OH-6)
Max Burns (GA-12)
John Gard (WI-08)
Diana Irey (PA-12)
Jeff Lamberti (IA-03)
Ray Meier (NY-24)
David McSweeney (IL-08)
Rick O'Donnell (CO-07)
Peter Roskam (IL-06)
Scott Tipton (CO-3)
Van Taylor (TX-17)
Chris Wakim (WV-01)
Mike Whalen (IA-01)

U.S. Senate

Thomas Kean (New Jersey)
Michael Steele (Maryland)
Mark Kennedy (Minnesota)
Mike McGavick (Washington)

Since most Americans live in areas where the incumbent congressman is completely safe, it can be difficult to know where to put your hard-earned money in order to make the most impact. That’s why the Rightroots list is perfect. A group of hardcore conservative activists – people I consider allies in the battle – have sifted through hundreds of races, candidates, polls, and cash-on-hand reports to pick a handful that will make the difference.

A Democratic takeover would surely start a terrible chain of events-including ridiculous investigations, even more spending, a bloody battle when Supreme Court Justice Stephens or Ginsburg retire, and even worse – generate momentum for the Democrats going into 2008. I don’t have to list the disasters we have in store if Hillary and her gang get a leg up in the race for the White House.

Recent legislative successes for conservatives have been limited, true, but I have no doubt that a Democratic Congress and President will roll back every last achievement we’ve had in 11 years:

Tax cuts – gone.
Hope in the Middle East – gone.
Protection from terror – gone.
Protecting the unborn – gone.
Defending the family – gone.

The election in just three months is as serious at they come, and I will be making my own contribution before the day is out. I urge you to do the same by supporting Rightroots candidates today.

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Jonathan Garthwaite

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