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I moved on again. In one debate with Obama, Romney said, "I don't have any plan to cut education funding." He doesn't? Why not? Education is a local responsibility. The federal government wastes $100 billion every year, intruding on local schools. But Romney won't even cut that?

Coulter wouldn't defend her candidate on that point.

"But I will just say in his defense ... he said, 'We want to send that money to the parents.' He's talking about vouchers there."

My last complaint about Romney was his promise to label China a currency-manipulator, and if China doesn't respond, raise tariffs. So he wants a trade war? That would hurt everyone. And raising tariffs means Americans pay more for things.

"You're having a kneejerk reaction to the word 'tariffs.' ... That's not the issue. The issue is the intellectual (property) theft. ... Every libertarian I know is very concerned about intellectual theft."

Well, some libertarians don't think that's theft, but that's another story. Romney mostly talks about the Chinese currency, not intellectual property, and yet currency manipulation is something our Federal Reserve has been known to do. If China devalues its currency, Chinese people suffer, but we Americans get to buy cheaper products. We win!

Coulter dodged my argument. "If we continue for five more seconds on currency manipulation," Coulter said, "I'm going to need a bottle of NoDoz."

John Stossel

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