John Stossel

“More than that, I would say in the contract that my spouse is allowed to visit me in the hospital.”

Brown was unconvinced.

“The state’s interest in marriage is that this is the institution by which we create stable families where the kids can be connected to both their mother and their father. … In states that have gone this direction, we see things like attempts to recognize three parents, because there is a biological father and two mothers.”

Again, so what? I don’t care if there are three fathers and six mothers. If it’s a stable relationship and the kids are connected with their parents, that’s great.

“Deconstructing marriage is a very bad idea,” said Brown. “We see the rising rates of divorce and unwed motherhood. There is a direct correlation. If you look at any social indicators -- children raised without mothers and fathers -- you see higher rates of incarceration, juvenile delinquency that cost the state money.”

Sorry, but I still don’t see what divorce and unwed motherhood have to do with gay marriage. It’s mostly straight people who are doing the divorcing and unwed mothering.

“All of that … started long before anyone brought up gay marriage,” Harsanyi said.

“The state should support what is true and good and beautiful,” Brown countered. "And it’s true and good and beautiful that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Men and women are unique and special.”

I still don’t get his argument.

And I definitely don’t want the state to decide what is good and beautiful.

John Stossel

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