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I think when you defend freedom, you defend freedom of choice. You can't be picking and choosing how people use those freedoms. I don't believe government can legislate virtue. I can reject (vice) personally and preach against it, whether it's drugs or prostitution, but my solution comes from my personal behavior and how I raise my children. Whether it's personal behavior or economic behavior, I want people to have freedom of choice.

You seem to be saying that adults own their own bodies. If a woman wants to rent hers out or someone wants to smoke crack, that's their business. 

Yeah. People make bad choices in religion and philosophy, but we don't regulate their thinking or their religious beliefs if they're not harming other people. That's why I defend this position that government can't protect individuals from themselves. It's just impossible. (And when it tries) it becomes a tyrannical state.

Which brings us to abortion. What do you think of Roe vs. Wade? 

It was a federal encroachment over state laws, so I wouldn't have that.

So some states might outlaw abortion, and other states would allow it. That'd be OK with you?

That is right. Under our system, unless you change the Constitution, that's the way it should be taken care of.

You consider it murder, but it should be allowed if a state so chooses?

I don't use that term. I (say it is) a tragic set of circumstances, and life should be protected.

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John Stossel

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