John Stossel

The horror stories went on and on. "We had one little girl who was told the very first day she got to middle school that at 11 years old, she was too pretty to be a virgin," Leininger said. "These guys tried to rape her right in the classroom at the end of the day. Purely by God's grace, the teacher came back into the room and started screaming just before this little girl was violated.

"A little blond first-grade girl was going to a school on the far west side of San Antonio. Nine older boys sharpened pencils and ran in circles around her, stabbing her with these pencils. She was stabbed 39 times.

"One mom we talked to, her child was hiding in the closet, kicking and screaming, afraid to go to school. He'd just entered the sixth grade, just met the gang. She was crying when she called us and said, 'I can't send him back there where the gangs are after him, but what can I do?'"

Leininger gave her and the other desperate children "emergency scholarships."

Unfortunately, thousands more who would like to escape the government school monopoly cannot. Leininger hopes that some day all Texas kids will have the opportunities his scholarship recipients get.

For advocating vouchers that would allow that to happen, reporters called him "evil." The San Antonio Express News even characterized the school-choice debate as voucher advocates vs. "pro-education" candidates.

Voucher proponents are not pro-education? Give me a break.

John Stossel

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