John Stossel

"Thad Cochran moved to the Jackson area at age 9 and adopted it as his home-making partner in less than three years in the state's most respected law firm. Jackson voters first sent Thad to Washington where he rose to chair powerful Senate committees that advanced projects that have improved the quality of life of all Mississippians. He's responsible for Congress' approval of the new Mississippi Courthouse, and that's why Jackson residents and the Mississippi judicial community want it to bear his name."

Give me a break! Jackson residents want this? Which ones? Most Jackson residents "20/20" asked were opposed to it, saying things like, "Don't put a politician's name on it. A politician's already received enough from the American public!"

I agree. I understand why politicians like having their names on buildings. It's an ego boost. And the free advertising doesn't hurt their perpetual reelection campaigns.

But you shouldn't have to pay for their monuments to themselves.

This week another politician said "enough" to politicians' self-glorification. Probable presidential candidate Fred Thompson asked a legislator to withdraw his plan to name a stretch of U.S. Highway 43 "Fred Thompson Boulevard."

Maybe it will start a trend.

John Stossel

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