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 How cowardly. Hollywood used to make lots of big-star, big budget movies about Arab terrorists, like "Executive Decision," "Rules Of Engagement," and "True Lies" ... but not after Sept. 11. Tom Clancy's best-selling novel "The Sum of All Fears" is about Palestinian terrorists, but Hollywood morphed them into European neo-Nazis.

 You see, the rules of political correctness are very clear: No one's allowed to associate Muslims with anything bad. Even "The Siege" -- which said repeatedly that Muslim American leaders were patriotic, featured a heroic Muslim FBI agent, and put more emphasis on a federal elite inattentive to individual rights than on the threat of terrorism -- was the victim of an "educational" campaign by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "The Siege" dared to say that a few Muslims are, in fact, terrorists.

 And it came out before 9/11.

 And now Sony won't even use "Muslim" in a title. Even CAIR doesn't object to the movie, although I bet they'll object to this column.

 The Los Angeles Times points out that Sony is the same company that pushes movies packed with crass materialism and sex, films that are much more likely to offend Muslims than Brooks' film would.

 I wanted to ask Sony why its sleazy movie "Deuce Bigelow, European Gigolo" is good to release, but "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" wasn't, but they wouldn't talk to me about that.

 Fortunately, Warner Independent Pictures has agreed to release the film with its title intact.

 I asked Brooks: "Have you gotten any pressure from Muslim groups about the movie?"

 "Quite to the contrary." he said with a big smile. "Last week, we were invited to have the world premiere at the Dubai Film Festival."

John Stossel

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