John Stossel

 "What we're trained in is to be your advocate," he said. "I do not take costs into account."

 Of course not. Government medical insurance gives doctors a free pass on cost. They declare "needs" knowing someone else will bear the cost.

 If you had to pay for your own medical care out of your pocket, you might choose to forgo some expensive treatments in order to have money for a nicer home or for better education for your children. But when the government taxes you to pay for what other people "need," you don't get that choice. You are forced to buy Viagra for some man you've never met.

 Does he really need Viagra? Do you really need the money for other things? If you are pursuing happiness, as our founding document says you have the right to do, your most important need is to be free to determine your own values, make your own choices and live your own life. You need a government that will protect your contracts, so that you can make money, acquire property and keep it once you have it.

 You also need a government that understands it's up to you to meet most of your needs. Otherwise, the money and freedom the government will take away will be limited only by the needs people can claim.

John Stossel

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