John Shadegg

And even if Gitmo detainees brought to the US are convicted – by military or judicial proceeding – their very presence here is a magnet for terrorist activity.

Not to mention the enormous strain on the legal system. The trial of the 20th hijacker, Zacharias Moussaoui, took nearly 5 years. And it’s possible critical evidence obtained at Gitmo would not be admitted into a court of law.

There’s also no guarantee that Gitmo detainees, if convicted, would spend their lives in prison. Just days ago an Islamic terrorist who planned an ambitious bomb plot in New York City, Khalid Al-Jawary, is being released after serving only half of a thirty year sentence.

How many more terrorists do we want to set free in America?

The best and surest way to keep our families safe – and to keep Gitmo detainees from completing their unfinished mission of shedding American blood – is to keep them off of our soil. Period.

So call your representative today and tell them to sign onto my bill and to help keep Gitmo killers out of America.

John Shadegg

John Shadegg has represented Arizona's Third Congressional District since 1994. He has established a reputation in Congress as a leading advocate for reduced government spending, federal tax relief, and the re-establishment of state and individual rights.

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