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Your first mistake is that you didn’t bring a MAN with you. The second is that you didn’t come in the dark and bring your masks to hide behind.-- Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn

Jimmy Carter made me do it.

I couldn’t help myself, and neither could you.

The peacenik Democrat, (1st) Nobel Prize winner, Nuclear Know-Nothing and general Know-it-All reminded me today why I became a conservative in the first place.

“Former president Jimmy Carter called on the West to recognize the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas as a legitimate ‘political actor’, that represents the bulk of the Palestinian population,” said the old idiot according to USAToday.

Carter, after becoming the worst president—until then-- in our country’s history has spent his retirement lecturing his successors—and the rest of us-- about what they—and we-- are doing wrong.

Writing in Foreign Policy, Carter and Mary Robinson, the former prime minister of Ireland, said "There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war [against Hamas]."

Israel, I’ll remind you, is an ally of the United States of America.

Hamas, I’ll remind you, is an ally of Iran.

Ok, ally isn’t quite the right designation. So let’s use the proper one: Hamas is a front group for Iran, a country that wishes both Israel and the United States didn’t exist. The not-so-secret dream of all Iranian governments is the violent demise of the Jewish state, Israel, along with the painful death the Judeo-Christian state, the USA. That’s because Israel and the United States are the ultimate expressions of the superiority of culture, thought and governance when compared to the horrid barbarities that exist in places like the Hamas-controlled parts of the so-called Palestinian state.

And getting past the fact that there is no humane or legal justification for how Carter defends a known terror organization, we come up against this unshakable reality: Carter is wrong. And yeah, he’s been wrong about lots of things.

John Ransom

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