John Ransom

Now that GOP has finally ended the inter-party squabble about who’s going to be the Republican nominee in November, it’s time to put in better focus why Obama is headed for an historic loss in the upcoming presidential election.

To do that, we are going to trot out our standby “Why Obama is a Bad President.”

As readers might remember, last summer Jonathan Alter asked the world why everyone thought Obama was such a terrible president, challenging us all to come up with reasons. We answered the challenge, but since it was such a stupid question to ask in the first place, we like trot it out from time to time just to remind everyone that someone had to ask it.

Look, there are just some truths that are self-evident- but not apparently to a liberal.          

So, before we’re done in the next months, we’ll cover lots of ground, but for today let’s just stick with Obamacare.

Because while the administration has set a new mark for really bad ideas, none so far has been as bad as Obamacare.

Here’s legislation that won’t do what it was supposed to do- cut spending; that was passed before Congress read it and debated it; and that will probably be tossed out by the Supreme Court. And losing in court might be Obama’s best option in the opinion of Democrats.

In other words, we hired a guy for president whose biggest accomplishment so far could be getting the one thing he did (Obamacare) reversed- and that reversal will be a big relief to you, him and to me according to his supporters. And you thought not passing a budget was bad?      

Even liberals seem to know what a waste of time Obamcare has been because they are hiding behind the last fig-leaf any Democrat would hide behind to make the case for Obamacare: “We love it,” they say, “because it fights the deficit.”

Ha. Double ha. Double secret ha.

John Ransom

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