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Sure, limiting the list to the nine worst mistakes of the Obama administration in a year that saw so many of them was a tough proposition. But in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to be merciful and not pile on. Plus, you know, I have company coming over.

So for now, nine will have to do.

Why nine?

Quoting Bluto from Animal House sans burp: “Why the hell not.”   

I’ve included links and snippets from my columns addressing each topic:

9) Sending a budget to Capitol Hill that didn’t get one vote:

Calculate the man-hours that went into presenting to Congress a budget that didn’t muster even one vote in the Senate. If that didn’t cry out that Obama is a one-term president, certainly the rest of the year’s events did. The question that I have for the political geniuses at the White House is: “After getting elected primarily on the strength of the financial crisis, how could you be so ignorant of fiscal issues?” Nothing better represents the disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country as Obama’s attitude towards passing a budget. They didn’t even pretend to take the process seriously. And then they thought no one would notice. 

See: Obama Goes Doh!-for-97, 98, 99, 100!

Mr. Irrelevant, the man formerly known as president, was in France when news came that the Senate unanimously rejected the Jerry Lewis gag budget that the administration submitted to Congress in February.

The vote was 0-97 against, with three Senators voting “not present.”

Can you blame them?

 If John Kerry’s misshapen theme was “Reporting for Duty,” Obama’s is: “I’m AWOL: Ha. Ha. Ha. You can’t catch me.”

If Kerry’s presidency was still-born, Obama’s died of crib-death.    

Can you imagine any other president in history being satisfied with sending up a budget that couldn’t muster even one vote from his own party?

8) Predicting the economic recovery:

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