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Lonesome Polecat wrote: You should not wonder into areas where your intellect is dwarfed. Hitchens has you beat hands down even before you start your twisted logic attempt at ad hominem. Understand, that I like you and you do think cogently at times. But you are out of your league here. Back up, believe what you want, and quite trying to intellectually skunk those who do not.- in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Lonesome,

Typically I correct for grammar, spelling, etc. But in your case I made an exception.

An ad hominem attack would be if I called Hitchens an idiot, or a drunk, or a Godless jerk, or implied anything insulting about him, like perhaps his intellect isn’t up to snuff.

I did none of that. You should probably look up ad hominem.   

I simply said that arguing for disbelief takes at least the same amount of faith as believing does while leaving us with a morally inferior position.

Tell us please, Polecat, with your superior intellect, how to separate morality from God.

JustMCMC wrote: Ironically, there is a SUPERB South Park multi-part episode that seems to have a better grasp of the illusory false religion of science than Mr. Ransom. And Mr. Ransom has taken a pot shot at South Park, which show a better grasp of the point he wants to make than Mr. Ransom himself. - in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Just,

I think South Park is hilarious. I love South Park. But it’s like chocolate cake in the sense that the humor is mostly empty calories. I say that because the guys at South Park don’t believe in anything- they just go for the gag and shock value.

That’s easy and it’s kind of cheap.

I subscribe to Mark Twain’s theory of humor: “Humor must not professedly teach, and it must not professedly preach, but it must do both if it would live forever.”

South Park does neither.

IllinoisRoy wrote: You are mixing up Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle with the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. All the Uncertainty Principle states is that an electron for instance doesn't have a well defined position and well defined momentum simultaneously. - in response to Hitchens Was Not Great

Dear Illinois,

John Ransom

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