John Ransom

Bet you didn’t know that cement was really, really bad for you.   

It’s not actually bad for you, but that isn’t stopping the EPA from imposing more ridiculous rules, known as MACT, that will require the cement industry to invest billions in new technology over the next two years in order to improve air quality.

Hey: We may not have jobs, but take a deep breath. Can't you breath easier knowing that you'll breath easier in the unemployment line now that Obama's extending the dole?

All this as Obama calls on Congress to give him more money to create more unionized government workers, more buildings to house them, more unionized workers to build bridges to ANYWHERE.

I don't know about you, but the streets in my town don't need another layer of asphalt. It didn't work out so great the last time we tried this.    

What we need is for government to stop genuflecting to enviros and unions while kneeling on the backs of Main Street and industry.  

The cement industry is just another victim in Obama’s serial job-killing spree that includes banking, investment, construction, home building, energy, defense and autos.  At least we still have a thriving green job industry that requires billions in federal subsidies.

Ok. Maybe not thriving, by they do require the subsidies. Hence Obama's brave call for more spending to support failing industries and government in the guise of job creation.       

Obama’s top job-assassins at the EPA plan on killing another 25,000 current jobs in the cement industry- you know, jobs employing real people who have kids and up-to-date mortgages and don’t need food stamps or unemployment or subsidies- even while Obama is calling for $450 billion in new federal spending to create new government jobs to replace the old private sector jobs he killed.

With plans like this, we could be spending federal stimulus money f-o-r-e-v-e-r. 

Get it? Or do I have to spell it out for you again?

Estimates for complying with the new cement mandates, according to the EPA and the House Energy Committee, are between $2.5 and $3.5 billion 2013 for an industry that generates $6.5 billion in sales annually.    

Remember the last trillion dollar stimulus bill that failed?

John Ransom

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