John Ransom

We have a whole new crop of liberals to taunt.

Seems as if the old group dropped off and new ones turned up to pick at us this week.

Oh, I so love wasting George Soros' troll money on a Sunday after church.

I hope you do too.  

Bob A. wrote: Yeah! I don't think the states should force me to buy auto insurance either. I should have the right to drive without any, hit whom ever I please, kill whomever I want with my car any time I want and those I hurt, injure, or whose property I destroy because of it should have NO recourse.  -in response to my column Obamacare Gets Thumbs Down by Death Panel

Dear Bob-

I can’t believe they let you vote. You think that being human has the same value as owning a car? This is why liberals suck at governing, philosophy, religion, morality. You guys are such materialists that you think owning a car and making decisions about your life as a created person are moral equivalents.   

I can choose to buy a car or not. If I want to have the convenience of owning a car, the state governments say that I have to have insurance of some type in order to cover liability on public roads. If not, I can walk or take public transportation or make other arrangements. There are a lot of people, especially in cities, who choose not to own cars.

On the other hand, the federal government is making the case that they have the right to govern you under the interstate commerce clause simply because you are a human.

I thought the very idea of our government rested on the idea that we were free, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights. If you say that your idea of liberty includes making me buy health insurance, then I say you shouldn't be allowed to vote.  

Carl wrote: Hey John, face facts, after George W destroyed the country, he was so hated a chimp could have run against the Republicans and won.  -in response to my column Hey Libs, Face Facts: Obama's a Bad President

Dear Carl-

Obama won’t be quite so lucky the next time. He’ll have to be more than just “not George Bush.” He may even have to be “not Barack Obama” to survive the challenge he faces, just as Bill Clinton had to prove to voters that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton after the first two years of his first term.    

Still and all, 4 million votes change in 2008 and the GOP would have won the last election.

John Ransom

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