John Ransom

Another week and another round of comments and answers from my friends, both conservative and progressive.

I see Lilly and Goshawk and Odin and James. And the week wouldn't be complete if bin Leaded didn't resort to name-calling.

I suppose if you are going to write 30,000 words per week on a message board, you are bound to call someone a name sooner or later.   

Lilly wrote:  Now we have a discussion of fiscal policy cast in terms that are racially loaded---addiction and pusher. If there were any basis for expecting decency on Townhall I would be appalled at Ransom's tone. – in response to my column The Pusher-in-Chief.

Dear Lilly,

Nothing I write has anything to do with race. It doesn’t even verge on race. There are no hidden code words. Progressives are addicted to taxes and spending and Obama’s the dealer because he’s the leader.   

Today there is only one group of organized bigots left in America, and they reside in the Democrat Party.

Everything you guys talk about has to do with identities like race and gender.

I grew up in a progressive Democrat household. And I can tell you that one of the things that pushed me away from the Democrats as I got to be an adult was the Balkanization of political identity that Democrats imposed on the party.

Where I was raised- Chicago, Illinois- they have all these neighborhoods called Andersonville, Wrigleyville, Logan Square, etc. They were neighborhoods that were, for the most part, defined by race or nationality. At the time Chicago was considered one of the most segregated cities in the country. That’s the way the Daley machine wanted it.

And that’s what you guys have done to the Democrats. You’ve segregated everyone. You demand equal- some more equal than others- but separate treatment for groups according to their skin color, their sexual identity, their religious beliefs, etc.

That’s why Obama has had such a difficult time governing. It’s virtually impossible for the Democrats to keep their constituents happy. The Democrats can only really thrive as a minority (as opposed to majority) party.


John Ransom

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