John Nantz

For some, Israel overreaches in Gaza because it is rightly a Palestinian enclave and Hamas has been provoked. Historically, the Israeli claim to Palestine is incontrovertible since it is carefully documented in Biblical literature. In some quarters it's fashionable to disregard Biblical accounts with regard to Israel's territorial claims. However, historical accounts in the Biblical record are a trusted and unimpeached source of reference for archeological science. Therefore, disregarding Biblical history is analogous to rejecting Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire or Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans. We would know nothing of King Leonidas and his 300 if not for the writings of Herodotus. Yet, the Biblical record exceeds the ancient historians in forensic integrity and detail.

For a Christian, to reject the Biblical narrative and Israel's historical claim to Palestine is to risk the stigma of heretic. The Cannon of Scripture is a Christian's rule for faith and practice and to trivialize its historical claims is to call into question one's citizenship in The Kingdom Of God. Even secularists accept the Bible as accurate with regard to its historical record. The Biblically prescribed boundaries, which encompass Gaza and the West Bank, have been addressed in a previous column.

Claims that Hamas has been provoked into acts of animalistic violence are absurd in the extreme. Israel has comported itself in model fashion as an occupying force and has scrupulously observed the Geneva Convention in its treatment of Palestinians. In accordance with international norms, Israel does not grant Palestinians the same access to its judicial system and democratic processes simply because to do so would imply a grant of citizenship. Simply put, Palestinians are occupying reacquired territories and must submit to Israeli standards of immigration and naturalization or remain subject to Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) military courts. IDF forces continue to adhere to stringent rules of engagement that include warning Palestinian citizens of impending military action. Still, depraved Hamas operatives entice civilians to occupy areas of military importance while they skulk back to their fetid dens and seal the fate of innocents.

Most recently, the Obama administration has played the idiot for Hamas by condemning an IDF response to credible information regarding the location of a rocket battery. In textbook Hamas fashion, the rocket battery was concealed in a United Nations school. IDF forces responded to neutralize the threat killing 15 civilians who were used as human shields by the monstrous Hamas.

In warfare, you have to choose a side. Equivocation results in death and defeat. Obviously, Hamas cannot hope to defeat IDF forces in open battle, so they inflict as much human carnage as possible and attempt to beguile the superficial with silly notions of provocation. Hamas is provoked by Israel in the same way that the 9/11 terrorists were provoked to murder thousands of people in the Twin Towers. The provocation is that Israel and America exist, that we enjoy liberty, and that we refuse to submit to the devilish doctrines of their rabid Mullahs.

John Nantz

John Nantz is a graduate of Regent University School of Law and has served in the law enforcement community for 16 years. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area and can be found on Twitter @TheJohnNantz. In his spare time, John enjoys reading, martial arts, hiking, and piling up mounds of brass at the shooting range.