John McCaslin

Posted April 23, 2009

The 2009 Miss California controversy isn't going away, with renewed calls for gay activist Perez Hilton, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.,to apologize to Miss California Carrie Prejean for his "appalling level of vitriol."

Posted April 22, 2009

Word this week is that three-quarters (74 percent) of Internet users went online during the 2008 campaign to take part in, or else get news and information about, the 2008 election cycle, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Posted April 20, 2009

How unstable might Iraq actually become once President Obama shifts the U.S. focus further east, to Afghanistan?

Posted April 17, 2009

What's all this about President Obama wanting to decide where Americans will live?

Posted April 16, 2009

Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Illinois Democrat, is collecting a series of legal bills months after it was disclosed he was "Senate Candidate No. 5" in the arrest documents filed against former Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich.

Posted April 14, 2009

Amid concern that younger generations are getting the "news" from cable TV comedy shows, NASA has chosen Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" to announce tonight the name of the space agency's newest module for the International Space Station.

Posted April 13, 2009

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez launched into a fit of editorializing last week by accusing a former CNN colleague, Glenn Beck, of contributing to the recent rash of mass killings in the United States.

Posted April 10, 2009

Inside the Beltway would be remiss to overlook a decision in recent days by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) surrounding 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and whether she broke U.S. laws by having British pop singer Elton John, a foreign national, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her campaign by performing a benefit concert.

Posted April 09, 2009

The economy crumbles and the Washington media are mesmerized by the pending arrival of a White House dog.

Posted April 07, 2009

There were mostly amused expressions on the faces of D.C. shoppers at the checkout counter of one major grocery chain Monday as they read the latest headline in the Globe: “Suicidal Bush's midnight calls to Condi - 'I need you!' he pleads.”

Posted April 06, 2009

Who hasn't heard parents complain that the frantic pace of society allows scarce precious time for family bonding?

Posted April 03, 2009

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel is using The Washington Times newspaper and other familiar organizations as examples in its 24-page State Department employees' "Whistleblower and Whistleblower Reprisal" test, which a government source leaked to Inside the Beltway.

Posted April 02, 2009

”Reminds me of Jimmy Carter turning off the lights at the White House,” says our insider at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Posted April 01, 2009

Sen. Judd Gregg, the New Hampshire Republican and ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee who withdrew his name to become commerce secretary, says President Obama in a few short weeks has managed to steer the country "dramatically to the left," and in doing so he has sacrificed the "American dream" for future generations.

Posted March 31, 2009

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington Republican, observes: “History teaches us that the pharaohs drove Egypt to bankruptcy building the pyramids. At least they got pyramids.”

Posted March 27, 2009

We were a bit amused that President Obama sought to console the wealthy attendees of a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Washington, telling them to hang in there until the economy improves.

Posted March 26, 2009

Every day, more and more people report experiencing the so-called 1111 phenomenon - mainly glancing up and seeing 11:11 staring back at them from their clocks.

Posted March 25, 2009

Americans awakened this week to a new warning (rehashed and reissued every few years, actually) that eating cheeseburgers will send them to the grave sooner rather than later.

Posted March 20, 2009

Once again, as often happens when the going gets tough, France and everything "French" gets a share of the blame.

Posted March 19, 2009

America's No. 1 nationally syndicated columnist (now appearing in more than 550 newspapers) Cal Thomas tells Inside the Beltway: "I've had a lot of things happen while flying, but this morning was a new one."