John McCaslin

"This first one is the Pentagon of the United States. Several hundred people were killed," began Rep. Dan Burton, Indiana Republican. "This here is the World Trade Center. More people were killed in this attack than any attack in the history of the United States by an enemy. Even the attack on Pearl Harbor didn't even come close to this, although that was a terrible thing as well.

"And this . . . is what happened to a train where they set a bomb off in Spain by al Qaeda. That was in Madrid," he said. "I have over here that I am not going to show tonight where they have cut the heads off of Americans and held them up. And where they've cut the heads off of Americans and hung them from an overpass so that everybody driving by could see them."

There were more candid shots, but you get the picture.


We figured the invitation was from the National Confectioners Association: "Please join us at our sweet, new offices in Washington, D.C."

John McCaslin

John McCaslin is a contributing columnist on and author of Inside The Beltway: Offbeat Stories, Scoops, and Shenanigans from around the Nation's Capital .

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