John McCaslin

Instead, Mr. O'Hurley will star (and sing and dance) in the role of Billy Flynn when "Chicago: The Musical" opens at the National Theatre on March 31, running through April 12.

In an interview with Inside the Beltway, the actor hints that he will slightly tailor the script to suit his unique Washington audience - something to the effect of Billy Flynn boasting that "if Jesus Christ lived in Chicago today, and he had $5,000, well he could buy himself his own Senate seat, I'll tell you that!"


Maybe Rush Limbaugh should lead the Republican Party after all.

We'll allow Inside the Beltway fan Greg Drew to speak for dozens of other letter-writing readers: "I read with interest your article, 'Run Rush, Run'. As an educated man in my late 50s with a passion for politics, I take exception to your analysis.

"I have been listening to Rush for 15 years - not always in agreement. However, if you want to examine the amount of ideas coming from his show to those coming from the entire Democratic Congress in those 15 years, you will find the Democrats sorely wanting.

"He is an entertainer and a businessman, however his ability to interpret for his audience what is really happening in politics/government/culture is unmatched. The only reason he is being targeted is that there is a vacuum of leadership on both sides in Washington. Rush would have never given British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a package of DVDs."

John McCaslin

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