John McCaslin


"McDonald's and Starbucks are the yin and yang of franchise food and drink," according to Paul Taylor of the Pew Research Center. Its new study finds that Americans frequenting the latter trendy coffee franchise are most likely leaning left.

"Ever heard the phrase 'latte-drinking liberal'? Evidently, there's something to it," says Mr. Taylor. "Among self-described liberals, Starbucks carries the day, 46 percent to 33 percent. Among conservatives, McDonald's prevails, 50 percent to 28 percent."


Awarded by Congress, the Congressional Gold Medal (along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed by the president) is the highest civilian award in the United States.

That said, we're told that the House Financial Services Committee is finalizing legislation that would award prestigious Gold Medals to golf greats Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods in recognition of their service to the nation in promoting excellence and good sportsmanship.

In addition, Mr. Woods would be honored for "breaking [racial] barriers with grace and dignity by showing that golf is a sport for all people."

John McCaslin

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