John McCaslin

Cheryl Davis, a former "booker" for CNN International and ABC's "Good Morning America," runs the Washington bureau of, which this month celebrates three years in existence. She explains to Inside the Beltway that network booking has become increasingly competitive in recent years, with producers and talent bookers competing against each other for the most sought-after, top-notch guests.

"We are not in the business of public relations, we simply focus on the needs of the network bookers. Because we think like them, we are able to deliver the guests they need," says Miss Davis.

In addition, her team of former network bookers and public relations professionals books TV interviews on behalf of notable political pundits, foreign policy experts, business executives, professional athletes and best-selling authors, among others that seek national and international exposure.

The company, also with offices in New York and Nashville, is headed by former CNN and MSNBC producer George Uribe, who once booked guests for the Fox News Channel.

"People who work in television news are hardworking professionals. We seek to be a resource for them upholding the integrity of journalistic standards with each booking," says the founder and chief executive officer. "Our niche is not just in finding the guest, but in thinking of the various elements which make a segment great."

John McCaslin

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