John McCaslin

“It is very appropriate that the first letter sent to our nation's new president addresses one of the most critical issues facing his new administration: catastrophic health care reform,” said Mr. Donohue, whose 3-year-old daughter, Sarah Jane, was violently shaken when she was five days old and sustained massive brain injury.

His mission now is to help all children with such acquired brain injury, called the No. 1 killer and disabler of more than 3 million children in the United States every year.


Listeners of News Talk 630-WMAL flooded the Washington radio station with requests for an encore Wednesday after morning co-host Andy Parks suggested that President Obama's handpicked Inauguration Day poet, Elizabeth Alexander, scribbled her 14 unrhymed, three-line “Presidential Inauguration” stanzas while riding in her limo to the swearing-in.

John McCaslin

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