John McCaslin

On Wednesday, for instance, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group in Washington got a head start by notifying the president-elect's team to "be on alert for a large quantity of faxes and emails heading for the senatorial office of Barack Obama and later the Transition Office."

"Letters will begin arriving the second week of November after clearing security screening."

Mr. Bassett says what is notable about this particular correspondence is it will be calling on Mr. Obama to "demand and receive a full briefing from his military and intelligence heads regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue" and after that is accomplished become the first U.S. president to "formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence to the American people."


Plan on seeing Sarah Palin in Washington in early 2009 after all. The defeated Republican vice-presidential candidate, we're told, is a confirmed speaker for the Conservative Political Action Committee 2009 conference in February.

"It's obvious that she is the Reagan heir apparent, and so it is fitting that she follow in his footsteps," Republican activist and "Team Sarah" member LaDonna Hale Curzon said Wednesday. "At CPAC 1975, one speech initiated the conservative comeback. That speech was by Ronald Reagan. I would like to see Governor Palin do the same at CPAC 2009."

John McCaslin

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