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"When the historic 109th Congress convened the number of women in the Senate increased to an unprecedented 14," notes the arts advocacy organization. "Now, their struggle to balance family and politics is chronicled in '14 Women,' an inspirational story of uplifting perseverance and poise."

Tuesday's participants will include Democratic Sens. Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, along with filmmakers Sharon Oreck and Nicole Boxer.


We got a chuckle reading Sunday's London Observer, which sees fit to report that Barack Obama's upcoming visit to London will unfortunately not include a visit with his father's first wife, Kezia Grace Obama, who lives 30 miles from the city.

Can you blame the U.S. presidential candidate, who has meetings lined up with England's top leaders?

"Barack is so busy, we can't get through to him much these days," Mrs. Obama is quoted as saying. "I haven't got his mobile number, only his home phone and it's always engaged."

The newspaper reveals that Mrs. Obama has lived in England since emigrating from her native Kenya six years ago.

"Kezia married Obama's father in Kenya when she was a teenager, before he went to America and met Barack Junior's mother, Ann Dunham," the paper explains.

John McCaslin

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