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On a more serious note, the site ( features a library of Obama-themed baby photos posted by proud American parents.

Man on the moon

Searching for the equivalent of the moonscape on Earth, NASA has landed in the volcanic ash and sand of Moses Lake, Wash., where it has been conducting a series of field tests in preparation for mankind's arrival — as in living, working and exploring — on the lunar surface.

The space agency recently transported to that region of Washington state, known for its lunarlike terrain, everything from motorized robots and rovers to a state-of-the-art bulldozer that one day could level the moon's surface in advance of erecting a human outpost.

Dancing queen

A few years ago, while a student at Catholic University in Washington, Rose Sezniak was waitressing at Pizzeria Paradiso in Dupont Circle and the Irish Channel Pub in Chinatown.

Indeed, she told Inside the Beltway in an interview Thursday, up until January she was bartending in New York City.

Not anymore. This week, the music theater major, who lived on the Catholic campus all four years until graduating in 2005, made her triumphant return to Washington — to the National Theatre, no less — having earned a starring role in the Broadway musical "Mamma Mia!" featuring the songs of the Swedish group ABBA.

"It's a bit surreal to be playing the National, that's for sure, having gone to school in the D.C. area," Miss Sezniak says. "I guess I always saw myself performing here, and hoping for a leading role."

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