John McCaslin

"I was just in the grocery store this morning (May 18) wearing my Obama 'Yes We Can' bracelet. I was in the produce section when someone stopped me in front of the sweet potato bin and asked me where I got my bracelet," the posting continues.

"I then looked down and saw the Barack Obama sweet potato staring right back at me. Winning bidder will get the Barack Obama sweet potato . . . and as a bonus . . . the Obama 'Yes We Can' bracelet that I was wearing when this strange event occured."

The seller believes the potato "has mystical powers," and stresses that it is being offered as "a collectors item only. It is not intended for human consumption."

The auction closed at 3 p.m. yesterday. For the potato the winning bidder paid $8.49 plus shipping.

One theory

"John McCain knows he needs George Bush for the money, and George Bush needs John McCain for his legacy."

Or so Democratic National Committee Executive Director Tom McMahon guessed yesterday was the reason for the two top Republicans in the country to get together in Phoenix on Tuesday night "behind closed doors."

John McCaslin

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