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Apart from the racial divides, Archbishop Tutu forecasts great things for America's future, pointing out Mr. Obama's candidacy as one example: "Where else in the world would you have a black guy being not just a credible candidate, but someone who seems to be taking the country by storm?"

Boomers, beware

As the first wave of approximately 80 million baby boomers reaches the age of retirement eligibility, putting even more strain on the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Government Accountability Office (GAO) is warning that the SSA faces it own major challenges because of retirement.

The GAO points out that during the next eight years, 44 percent of the SSA work force will retire, including the agency's "most experienced staff," which will have a "serious impact" on operations.

Spy run

CIA Deputy Director Stephen R. Kappes joked that actors Sean Connery, Robert De Niro and Angelina Jolie opted out of CIA's 18th annual 5K run at the spy agency's headquarters in McLean because of the recent inclement weather, but the driving rain did little to dampen the spirits of hundreds of CIA employees who participated in the race.

Mr. Kappes fired the starting pistol for the event, which involved two laps around the compound. And for those who don't like to run, a 2.5-kilometer health walk was held simultaneously. After the race, the CIA competitors enjoyed a barbecue featuring pulled pork, vegetarian wraps, cole slaw and potato salad.

CIA Director Michael V. Hayden, who ran in the race last year (the first director to do so), was out of town on business. But Mr. Kappes told the entrants that Mr. Hayden was running with them — at an undisclosed location, of course.

John McCaslin

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