John McCaslin

The Ann Hand jewelry was out and shining, especially the John McCain pin. Surprising everyone, Mrs. McCain welcomed the crowd to "the McCain home," pointing out that her husband grew up in the building that is now the Capitol Hill Club.

Mrs. McCain, who spoke without notes for half an hour, informed the crowd that her husband is the man to be the next president because he understands more than anyone the need to do the right thing for the troops in Iraq.

The McCains have two sons in active duty, one of them a 19-year-old Marine, Jimmy, who recently returned from duty in Iraq. While he was in Iraq, according to Mrs. McCain, her son was waist deep in mud digging out an overturned military vehicle when his superior walked up and yelled, "McCain! Your dad just won New Hampshire. Keep digging!"

Yankee 'chumps'

A former boxer, Rep. James P. Moran of Virginia is not one to hold his punches, physically or verbally.

This week, the Democrat is angry about the price of gasoline, particularly as it pertains to Iraq. And whereas Americans are now paying just under $4 per gallon of gasoline, he predicts the cost will rise to $5 and eventually $6.

"Iraq will get even more revenue than the $72 billion they're anticipating this year," Mr. Moran notes. "They got $100 billion over the last couple of years, much of it our money. And yet Americans have already contributed over half a trillion dollars to Iraq's economy ...

"Iraqis are getting a surplus of oil revenue from us and yet we are paying to pick up their garbage and train their security forces when they've got surpluses they don't even know what to do with. Who's the chump in this picture?"

John McCaslin

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