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Arguably one of the comedian's better lines came after he asked President Bush how he would pass the time once he leaves office. "You could look for a job with more vacation time," he suggested, referring to Mr. Bush's history of escaping Washington for extended periods of time.

Sharing himself

Speaking of John McLaughlin, his 26-year association with NBC and WRC-TV Channel 4 in Washington came to an end yesterday, as both "The McLaughlin Group" and "John McLaughlin's One on One" will now move to CBS and WUSA-TV Channel 9 while still airing on more than 300 PBS stations around the country.

"I've corrupted NBC for 25 years, it's now time to corrupt another network," the talkmeister told us at his rooftop brunch yesterday.

Armstrong and Al

Black broadcaster Armstrong Williams makes his debut at 9 p.m. tonight on XM Satellite Radio's Power 169, adding its first conservative talk show to the "all-black-liberal" lineup — as Mr. Williams refers to it.

"I was honored and ready to meet the challenge when approached by XM officials in March," he told us yesterday, adding that his first week of shows will feature prominent Bush administration officials, members of Congress, celebrities and entertainers.

"Special envoy to the European Union Ambassador C. Boyden Gray; world renowed neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson; NAACP chair Julian Bond; former HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson; fellow talk-show host Rev. Al Sharpton ... , Stedman Graham and many more," was the guest list Mr. Williams rattled off.

John McCaslin

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