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Jordan's King Abdullah II is back in town to meet with President Bush at the White House tomorrow, with Palestinian-Israeli negotiations among the major topics to be discussed.

"He is meeting the president to talk peace, as always working tirelessly to advance the process forward," Merissa Khurma, press attache for the Embassy of Jordan, told Inside the Beltway yesterday. "He will be in and out of town."

Get serious, Al

Good grief, is anybody in Al Gore's camp anymore?

Now it's People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals saying that although he's the face of the worldwide fight against global warming, the former vice president has resisted one "inconvenient truth": the meat industry is the leading source of greenhouse-gas emissions, and Mr. Gore's "a-steak-or-more-a-day habit isn't helping."

"Visitors to can undo some of the damage that Al Gore is doing to the environment every time he sits down to a steak," says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich. "Mr. Gore's own addiction to meat is adding to the very crisis he's devoting his life to stopping."

PETA points to a recent United Nations report finding that raising animals for food generates about 40 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, ships and planes in the world combined, while a meat-based diet causes eight times more greenhouse-gas emissions than a vegetarian diet.

John McCaslin

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