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"These dedicated students have been training for seven days a week since January 7," said acting ATF Director Michael Sullivan. "They and their highly trained canine partners are now prepared to use their skills to protect the public and prevent terrorism."

Eyes and fingers

Speaking of advances in security, the "Clear" fast security-verification lanes at Washington's Reagan and Dulles airports will open tomorrow for participating travelers who have been iris- or fingerprint-identified — allowing expedited passage through usually jammed security checkpoints.

Which obviously cuts way down on the hassle of arriving at airports two hours in advance of a scheduled flight.

So far, the Clear system has signed up 120,000 government-approved travelers nationwide, who pay an annual fee of $128 for the privilege of skipping the long security lines. Clear cards are operational at 16 U.S. airports.

'Glass houses'

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is doing everything in its power to refocus attention away from party infighting between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton and place it where it should be during a presidential election — on the other party's candidate.

If nobody else, the DNC often two or three times a day levels a new accusation against presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain. Consider these DNC headlines of recent days:

"McCain Skips Votes on Immigration Bills"

"Three Lobbying Scandals for McCain"

"McCain Advisers Lobbied for Airbus"

"Bush Attack Dogs Gear Up for Third Bush Campaign"

"Anti-Immigrant McCain"

"George Bush and John McCain Lack Courage to Ban Torture"

"McCain Backs Criminalization — Again"

"McCain Doesn't Understand Families"

"McCain Cannot Be Trusted"

"McCain Has Shown Some Inconsistencies"

"McCain Has a Problem of Saying One Thing and Doing Another"

"McCain's Constitutional Hypocrisy"

"McCain in A Glass House"

John McCaslin

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