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Mr. Goeglein, who was White House liaison to various conservative groups, didn't mention where he was going, only that "another chapter of our life opens now."

He concluded of the country's future direction: "Often, while walking through Lafayette Park across from the White House, I have stopped to read the small excerpt from the letter George Washington wrote to Comte de Rochambeau. Washington's words seem to perfectly capture America's large mission and purpose during this new century."

Those words: "We have been contemporaries and fellow labourers in the cause of liberty, and we have lived together as brothers should do in harmonious friendship."

Easter unrest

No thanks to Congress, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll is set for next Monday, March 24, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the South Lawn.

The annual tradition originally took place on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol as early as 1872, and wait until you read why it was moved to the White House:

"The children of Washington apparently caused such a ruckus on the Capitol grounds in 1876 that Congress passed the Turf Protection Law to prohibit the area from being used as a playground in future years," reveals the White House Historical Association.

Two versions of the story follow:

"Either the angry rollers rushed to the gates of the White House and demanded that they be let in to roll their eggs on the president's lawn or President Rutherford B. Hayes, alerted to the plight of the children, opened the gates to the South Lawn and welcomed all the rollers to his end of Pennsylvania Avenue."

John McCaslin

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