John McCaslin

"Rush Limbaugh's ignorance and determination to divide Americans is just another reminder that you can't spell 'Rush Limbaugh' without the letters L-I-A-R."

Stay tuned, obviously, for round three.


Under the category of "way too much information," we turn to a weekend White House pool report covering the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Crawford, Texas, for meetings with President Bush:

"As they drove off, the president waved to the pool. He and the chancellor were wearing seat belts; I couldn't tell whether the back-seat passengers were belted in."

Two-fer typo

"You're invited to 'A Salute of Arts and Culture to Diplomacy' with the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation on Thursday, November 15th ... celebrating 200 years of Russian-American diplomacy. Opportunities to interview key movers and shakers including Dr. Hendry Kissenger [sic] are available during the hour prior to the event."

Constant vigil

Number of times individuals were positively matched to the FBI's watch list of known or suspected terrorists during various screenings in the U.S. from December 2003 to May 2007: 53,000.

So the House Committee on Homeland Security learned during testimony in recent days by Eileen R. Larence, director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the Government Accountability Office.

John McCaslin

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